Original Balenciaga Speed Sneakers Online For Sale

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Balenciaga Speed Sneakers Online For Sale
Founder Christophe Valencia Valencia closed the Balenciaga fashion house in 1968 and died in 1972. The Balenciaga fashion house was in a period of slumber before 1986. In 1986, Jacques Bogart S.A. acquired the Balenciaga fashion house and opened a new high-end clothing line called "Le Dix". In October 1987, the first series after the resurrection of the Balenciaga family was designed by designer Michel Goma and continued for a full five years. Michel Goma's design was mixed. In 1992, the Parisian fashion house changed its new designer, Dutch designer Josephus Thimister. Under the leadership of Josephus Thimister, Balenciaga regained its position as a high-fashion brand for the elite. During Josephus Thimister's tenure, young designer Nicolas Geischier joins Balenciaga fashion house
The team of judges,Balenciaga Speed and ultimately in 1997, took the lead of the "Berlin family chief designer." Balenciaga men and women were all in charge of Nikolai Geischiel. Nicholas Geischier, like the founder Cristobal Balenciaga, is a self-taught designer. Nicholas Geischier studied under Jean-Paul Gaultier and Agnes b. His designs for the Balenciaga family were more hippy and fresher interpretations of the Balenciaga's original classic style, but he used to There was a conflict with the GUCCI Group on the Balenciaga brand. The GUCCI Group once said that if Nicholas Geeschell is not profitable until 2007, the designer will be replaced. However, the success of the Balenciaga 2005 autumn/winter collection launched in Nicolas Geischier in February 2005 not only achieved profitability, but also won the "Vogue" American editor Anna Wintour to the big stars Madonna and Jenny. The heart of Jennifer Connelly and Nicole Kidman. At the 2006 Academy Awards, Jennifer Connelly and Nicole Kidman both wore the Balenciaga dresses designed by Nikolai Gesquier on the red carpet; the same year (June 25, 2006) ), Nicole Kidman also wore a Balenciaga dress in the wedding that Nicole Kidman and Keith Erben had attracted worldwide attention; Kylie Minogue was in his "Slow," On the MVs of "Red Blooded Woman" and other singles and tour concerts, they also wore balenciaga dresses. These all made Nicholas Geischier famous. Today, the most famous item in the Balenciaga family is the motorcycle bag designed by Nicolas Geischiel, especially the locomotive bag named “Lariat”.
The shoes are Balenciaga Speed Trainer combined with a black and white color scheme and are equipped with a knitted sock upper and a functional sole that absorbs shock and memory.
The overall design of the shoes is very simple. The entire body is made of woven fabrics complemented by the Balenciaga family logo, and the white outer soles are accompanied by cutting lines. To tell the truth, it's hard to tell at the first glance what characteristics this shoe has.
Because of the blessings of the major stars,Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneakers the shoes in all stores worldwide are sold out and will be filled. It is difficult to get a shoe.
As for the feeling of foot, it is still very comfortable.Buy Balenciaga Speed Trainer However, there is still a gap between soles and airmax or boost than softness. However, different positioning, as long as comfortable enough.
Since Balenciaga Speed Trainer Online Outlet casual shoes conform to the people's desire for leisure life in the fast pace of the speed economy era, they will become the popular theme in the future. People's values ​​and aesthetics are also accompanied by rapid changes in the socio-economic and increasingly personalized, diversified features, comfort, fashion, health, personality has become the focus of attention and new darling.