Find the latest styles Shoes from Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

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Speaking of white sneakers, I really want to talk about Golden Goose on the bad street. Thanks to the publicity of the media, my Golden Goose Superstar is afraid to wear it! So when I wrote valentino rockstud a few months ago, I told everyone that Amway had this Golden Goose Slide sneaker. Every season, there will be a lot of colors, it is really beautiful! The favorite is this champagne gold. I went to the counter and tried it. I was a little bit stuffed. It was not suitable for people with wide feet. Because it would be too open, you know, but those who are too open are not liked.

This shoe, in fact, I saw that men wear more than women, so when the girls spread your love from stansmith some (the price is also a bad injury), nearly 500 dollars is also difficult to start I understand. Buying guide: How to wear a sense of open, that is, do not tie the laces outside, as shown in the figure, understand? The laces are tied under the pressure nozzle.

In addition to Golden Goose superstar glitter, I want Amway to have a more cute brand: minna parikka. A designer brand from Finland, originally made of high-heeled shoes, because the designer himself likes the bunny, so he designed a series of rabbit sneakers. It didn't expect to cause a sensation. I thought that only girls would wear it, not at all. Oh, you can wear the rabbit shoes even if you are holding Anya Hindmarch.

This summer, I basically put the pantane color on my body. Many mature women said that the pink is too tender, can't hold, obviously pink can match anybody, it is to see how you mix it. Supermodel Cara Delevingne's mix and match is also very good, high-top Golden Goose Francy. The pink little ball behind, feel More attractive than rabbit ears~ Of course, this brand is the same, you know, designer brands, the price will not be cheap, let alone the whole skin, even if the upper is denim, lace, flash, not Will be less than $200. So cute sneaker, of course, there will be parent-child models, but it seems to be more suitable for small public exercises, and the baby boy and father and mother with GGDB.

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