How Golden Goose sneakers broke with convention and made pre-distressed, worn-insneakers the hottest thing in footwear right now.

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How Golden Goose sneakers broke with convention and made pre-distressed, worn-insneakers the hottest thing in footwear right now. A pair of worn-out sneakers that seem unconcealed can be sold for $400 or even thousands. In some people's eyes, this is crazy, especially in the sneakers of the Nike, Adidas and other brands and Valentino. The field is already a Red Sea. How can such a expensive and small shoe be sold?


For consumers who love Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, their "small dirty shoes" is not just a high-priced version of "Converse", but each pair is a unique, hand-made luxury product. The deliberately worn sneakers are made of Italian high-end soft leather, which is given the texture and comfort through traditional craftsmanship, and then hand-washed, colored and waxed to bring the deliberate retro effect, and the previous hot "small" White shoes are very different, but there is a cool feeling that is not trimmed. “Dirty looks good, and there is a sense of high-level,” a shoe lover wrote in the Tigers Forum: “I feel like a rich and cool rock star.”

The name is inspired by the famous story of Aesop's Fables, "Goose Going Down the Golden Egg". The Golden Goose can bring good luck to the brand. The word Deluxe also transcends the general cognition, but emphasizes Designers learn from the inspiration and experience of travel around the world. Every consumer can experience the exquisite and energy of new things through the GGDB products.

Then you will definitely call for a "dirty and broken" Golden Goose shoes. Unlike the same white shoes, each pair of Golden Goose shoes is dirty and unique, and there is a cool temperament in the body. Although Golden Goose's dirty shoes look "dirty" and "broken", they are also good-looking "dirty" and high-level "broken". Otherwise, how can they attract the attention of the world's stars, just want to pick it up.

Golden Goose's full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, which was founded in 2000. The brand designers are Francesca and Alessandro Gallo, and although they are not from the class, they are betting on the brand and their passion for fashion and art. Every pair of worn-out shoes is hand-waxed and washed, so the shoes are absolutely unique. They are both retro and comfortable to wear. It’s no wonder that once they are launched, they will sweep the world and become the hottest with lightning speed. One of the global sports shoe brands.

Whether it is a domestic star or a foreign star, you can always find Golden Goose's dirty shoes in their street shooting, like the prince and Zhu Zhengting in the variety show "The Soul (Idol Trainee)" at the beginning of the year. To the recent Pao Ping hot search "Soul of the Town" starring Bai Yu, and then to the days after Jolin Tsai and Tang Yan, all of them are loyal supporters of Golden Goose shoes.

It is also the QUEEN in the shoes of the Korean drama. In addition to the "descendants of the sun" with fire, the recent sweet and fat brother-in-law Korean drama "Beautiful sister invites me to eat", the male and female protagonists always wear a pair of Goldens on their feet. Goose small dirty shoes. On how to successfully find a beautiful sister's meal, perhaps the little milk dog Ding Haijun with the small dirty shoes you deserve.

So what is the popularity of Golden Goose shoes that are loved by many stars?

Golden Goose Superstar Classic Sneakers
Among them, the most popular one is the combination of the white-faced gray-necked stars in the picture below. It can be said that it is up to the international superstar to go to the grassroots bloggers, all the necessary shoes. Quietly revealed that I can not withstand its fascinating dirty and tempting, and started a pair on SHOPBOP. (Good to wear and cool, wall cracking Amway!)

Miss Adam Katz Sinding, the world-famous fashion blogger, can be said to have loved these shoes, from spring and summer to autumn and winter. Since the encounter with Golden Goose's small dirty shoes, other glamorous shoes can no longer enter her eyes. Don't believe it, there is a picture of the truth.

There are also Miss Tang Yan, Hot Bamei girl and hot moma sister, etc. A small dirty shoes like this is also an indispensable classic for their private service! Of course, there are other super-star bloggers who pass through these shoes. I won't list them all. After all, Golden Goose has super-sports shoes in addition to this pair.

Golden Goose Superstar Color Sneakers
Golden Goose shoes are not only gray, but the color series Superstar is also popular among stars. Each color has its own personality and is different from the fireworks. To be honest, if it is not because the wallet balance is insufficient, they will become the artwork in my shoe cabinet.

Afternoon Jolin Tsai is wearing light purple Golden Goose shoes, paired with shorts sweater and ripped jeans, and then put on a cap, full of temperament!

The Blingbling series of Golden Goose sneakers are also very popular, with radiant sequins all over the body of the shoe, and it seems that wearing it will make it a little fairy who will step into the stars. These shoes are available in several colors, such as blue and silver. There is also this little leopard-printed dirty shoes, although it is a bit difficult to match, but when you get it, you can look very advanced. After wearing it, I feel like a little milk leopard with both wildness and trend.

Let’s take a look at the legendary take-away queen’s power in the streets of New York. The black match is actually quite plain and unappealing. However, she cleverly put on a pair of leopard-print shoes and instantly sucks Eyes. The whole is refreshing and clean, and the tide is full.

Golden Goose's fashionable shoes are really too much. If I want to introduce it, I might have to write it for three days and three nights. Therefore, I mainly recommend four styles that I personally like. Other styles can go to the Golden Goose official website and Haitao website. However, I recommend to go to Amazon's light luxury Haitao website SHOPBOP to buy, after all, I bought it at their home, there are new people discount will be much cheaper than the official website, the disadvantage is that sometimes out of stock, so I suggest you want to start small The partner hastened to check out the styles that he likes. Finally, I hope that you can all buy your own shoes!

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