Remember - the favorite Golden Goose tide shoes of the year

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In the past two years, street culture has begun to enter the mainstream vision. In terms of wearing, young people are also more inclined to choose the street card that represents personality and attitude. In this cultural atmosphere, even my slum girls who are not interested in fashion trends have unconsciously bought a few pairs of expensive Golden Goose SuperStar Sneakers. In this article, I will share with you the four pairs of Golden Goose Sneakers I liked this year. Don't talk nonsense, come eat me, Amway.

The appearance of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is not surprising. The design of the Enlightenment series is even more so that I can really like the European tide. I used to look at the tops of the shoes and bags. I only think that it is ugly and low. I will never wear them. Now I see that the Chinese on the Enlightenment series has produced a desire to buy a wall. So wait, wait until the series is on sale. The most favorite of this series is the shoes I started now. I have no choice but to start the shoes too slowly, but fortunately, the children's shoes are available, the same size can be cheaper 200, very cost-effective, so decisively start a pair of children's shoes. This shoe box is a hand-held design with a Golden Goose Sneakers in the middle of the box.

The long-awaited shoes are quietly lying in the box after opening the box. The laces are closed, eliminating the hassle of tying the laces. The overall contrast design is very eye-catching. It can be said that it does not make any sense of fire. The old design of the shoes not only ingeniously reduces the weight of the shoes, but also conforms to the bending state of the fore and theft during walking. The wearing feeling is very good. Each shoe has half stars on the outer side, although it is unknown, but it looks It is really very powerful, showing both individuality and uniqueness. Considering the matching of clothes, many people will not choose the color that I bought, but in fact I want to say that the color of this shoe is really good-looking and good.

Imagine that there are six colors of red, yellow, blue, green, black and white, so you only need to choose these six colors when you wear them. For example, with the simplest black sweatpants. I feel that my sister's legs can wear a pair of sweatpants like me, not only showing thin legs, but also visually showing legs. The black and white color of the trousers echoes the black and white colors in the shoes, perfect!

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