The Golden Goose glitter high tops sneakers shows the feeling of modern fashion.

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The Italian high-end trend brand Golden Goose Deluxe Brand limited-time boutique officially landed in the north gate atrium on the first floor of the second phase of the German Deji Plaza. The limited-time boutique is a hexagonal building that displays shoes in a boutique window. The Golden Goose glitter high tops sneakers shows the feeling of modern fashion. The interior of the floor tiles is imprinted with the brand's classic star, and everything is just right for the rich Golden Goose Deluxe Brand style.

The limited-time boutique has selected 2019 autumn and winter collections for men's and women's shoes. The shoes include classic casual shoes, high-top shoes and boots. Among them, the contrasting plaid, bright upper, classic stars, red velvet and other elements with a strong autumn and winter atmosphere collide, bringing a different trend of charm, but also ready for the next year's party season. On November 23rd, the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand 2019 spring/summer women's shoes were also officially released at the limited time boutique.

This is GGDB's third store in France and a further expansion of the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand retail strategy, which marks another major step in the brand's expansion of its retail strategy. In recent years, the brand has opened boutiques in major cities around the world, including Milan, Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Beirut, Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, Venice and Rome.

Golden Goose 38 (GGDB) The Spring/Summer 2019 series presents us with an ordinary poem in everyday life. The meaning of life journey has always penetrated the brand style of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. This is a journey of re-experience and memories, intertwined with contemporary symbols. The new product draws inspiration from the most overlooked details of life, whether it's the kitchen's slightly old tiles, the roses on the living room wallpaper, or the rain dripping along the windows. These subtle and extreme things are full of Venice's modern and modern retro style.

Each piece of the GGDB Spring/Summer collection is unique, and GGDB incorporates a diverse design concept into the new season's women's wear. The retro denim meets the spring air again and collides with a new inspiration. The handsome short jacket has a double spirit, the loose dress is embellished with feminine lace, and the cotton shirt is complemented by a unique print pattern, just like the freedom in spring. The fresh air, the inner and outer boundaries become blurred, everything can be changed at will, mix and match.

The GGDB spring and summer menswear collection reawakens the double impression of Western style and modern sensibility. The West metaphorizes travel through different cities and regions. The horizon is the eternal direction, chasing new things and unlimited free space. This is an adventure journey about exploration and discovery. This series is also exploring the combination of different things, from comics to movies. They are all different sources of inspiration. The cool and sleek bomber jacket has a shiny textured surface, with heavy-duty printed trousers, flamingos, cactus, and cowboys. The symbol of passion and enthusiasm is the protagonist of the print design, showing the warmth and warmth of this spring and summer. The Golden Goose green collection brings people's dreams and thoughts to the journey. The special design brings people's vision of the West. Everything about the brand returns to the original heart.


GGDB's spring and summer accessories series also embody the microscopic themes everywhere in the costumes, with dazzling light and shadow. Shiny finishes and silver materials are the hallmarks of GGDB brand sneakers. The same custom-made GGDB sneakers have become the main trend of spring and summer of 2019, bringing an extraordinary visual experience.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand's Spring/Summer collection of ready-to-wear and accessories is focused on the concept of lifestyle travel. The loose trousers are freely pulled over the ankles so that they can pass through the grass covered with dew. The silk of the latest fabric is soft and easy to iron. The adaptable jacket can be folded and filled in every small corner of the suitcase when you When you look at the garden through the raindrops, the journey is about to begin, to pursue your butterfly.

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